Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Don't take our word for it - here is some feedback from a number of our satisfied customers showing that our wines represent quality, value for money and convenience. Look at their recommendations.

A recent (unsolicited) email from Caroline—15th November 2016
To Julian. re Le Hameau Pays d'Oc Rosé - C’est superbe! Manifique! Delicieux! Felicitations a vous!
Ain’t nobody gonna get between me and my remaining five bottles!!

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—2nd September 2014
To Julian. Beautiful still...quite delicious, Barossa shiraz 2005 described on the label as developing until at least 2011. Many thanks for Nick and you. Many thanks for lots of other ageing wines, guidance for cellaring printed on the label is much appreciated in household.
Please keep it going.

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—26th November 2013
On Sunday night, I gave some Sydney friends a number of glasses from a bottle of 2010 Erin Eyes Shiraz. This was after a bottle of an older St Hugo shiraz (which they bought .. I can't afford it!). They were VERY impressed with the Erin Eyes and wanted to know if there was any more. (if it's yes, I'll get some too!). So I directed them to the Georges 2010 Shiraz Cabernet which is also very good (in my inexpert opinion).

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—14th November 2013
Awesome service once again. Wine just delivered!

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—22nd April 2013
Just wanted to say I have just received my second delivery of your lovely wine. It is amazing to me that wines of such quality and value are unknown to most, I am not sure how I stumbled onto to your wines but I AM VERY GLAD I DID ! Hope you never go away.—SW

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—10th April 2013
Last night we opened a bottle of the 2009 Backvintage Margaret River Shiraz that I bought with you a year or so ago. It was so nice I went online at 10pm and ordered another half dozen plus a couple of other reds to make up a dozen. Talk about quick delivery - it was on the doorstep at 10 am this morning. Next time you see your friend tell him I was very impressed with the service.—C O'K

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—18th April 2012
Steve & I found we had the last of the Back Vintage Eden Valley Reisling 2005 the other day & have to say it was a wonderful last that long as well!!—MC

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—2nd September 2011
It arrived this morning—talk about quick!! Thank you.—J

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—13th August 2011
Quite amazing! The wine was delivered this afternoon. Many thanks.—GM

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—2nd April 2011
Just a big thank you. My wine arrived at lunchtime. Fabulous service!—JJ

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—2nd April 2011
I just wanted to compliment Backvintage on an extraordinarily prompt delivery of the above wine. I shall have no hesitation in recommending Backvintage to friends and family. Thanks—HW

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—30th March 2011
Julian, Tasted the Jim Barry tonight. Excellent flavor and length. I reckon there will be some kero in time. Hope I can wait.—BT

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—19th February 2011
I opened and indulged in a bottle of the Pemberton Sav/Sem on Friday night...It is a fabulous wine!!!!Love it—JG

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—4th April 2010
I ordered a case of the Pemberton Semillon Sav Blanc and the Nelson NZ Sav Blanc last week. I have to say the Pemberton sem sav blanc is excellent. Thanks very much—AC

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—2nd December 2009
Thank you for a very pleasant evening. We have to say that your products are excellent value at any price. That they are so reasonably priced is a bonus. Keep up the good work.—RS

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—19th November 2009
Your Coonawarra Cab Sav 2004 and your Wairarapa Sauvignon Blanc are both drinking really well now. Of course you already know this...just thought I'd give you some positive feedback!—RB

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—17th October 2009
I'm no expert by any means but I've gotta say those 2 wines were very good.....far exceeded in quality what I was getting from 'Get Wines Direct'. Looks like you guys have done your homework & know your stuff so well done.—MK

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—15th February 2009
I am pleased to report that a group of drunks that turned up at our place on Saturday night for our sons 18th devoured the best part of a case of the 2004 Shiraz and the NZ SSB. Bloody good stuff. Congratulations.—TA

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—31st January 2009
I wanted to send you an email to say thank you and congratulate you on great service and a great product. Thank you for being a pleasure to deal with. I regularly recommend your website to my friends—SW

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—14th November 2008
We're both wine enthusiasts, and thought the 2004 Barossa Shiraz was an absolute cracker; I take it along to friends and occasions as much as i can and the response has always been the same, even amongst serious 'collectors'—SL

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—13th July 2008
Ordered yesterday, delivered around noon today. I'm impressed. Keen to see if the wine is as good as the order / delivery system.—IG

A recent (unsolicited) email from a customer—11th July 2008
We thoroughly enjoyed the wine tasting on Friday night, and could hardly believe it when the wine was delivered Monday afternoon. Bottles are already disappearing from the cellar at steady rate. We will definitely be back for more.—SG

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