Written by Nick Bulleid MW

Every BackVintage wine is independently selected and endorsed by Master of Wine, Nick Bulleid—but what is a Master of Wine?

Master of Wine is a qualification issued by The Institute of Masters of Wine in the UK. Although it is not an academic degree it is highly regarded in the wine world.

To become a Master of Wine you must pass the rigorous examinations which are designed allow you to prove you have a very high degree of practical and theoretical knowledge and understanding of the wines of the world. Currently the exam consists of three parts:

  • Theory: four exams covering viticulture, winemaking, the business of wine and contemporary issues.
  • Practical: three blind tastings of 12 wines each where every wine must be assessed for variety, origin, winemaking, quality and style.
  • Dissertation: a ten thousand word original study, relevant to the wine industry.

Once a candidate has passed the rigorous Master of Wine exams they are allowed to use the abbreviated MW at the end of their name. Currently there are only 339 Masters of Wine globally, and only 23 Masters of Wine in Australia.

The benefit of having a Master of Wine selecting and endorsing each of our wines is that you can buy wine risk free. Nick Bulleid MW assess each wine we sell to ensure it truly represents the region it is grown from, great quality and most importantly value for money. Nick is often visiting the wine regions of Australia consulting and assessing wines, so with him signing off on every wine we sell we can be sure we’ve always picked a winner. If Nick doesn’t approve the wine then we won’t sell it. It’s that simple.

The next time you are reading your favourite wine reviewers column, have a look at their name and see if they have an MW at the end. Are you getting advice from someone regarded as one of the elite in the wine world?

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